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Why Wind

Because the future won't wait

365体育平台The future isn't a faraway place. It's as near as tomorrow and it will affect us all. As energy consumption soars, how will we meet the demand? Fossil fuels are a finite resource that will gradually disappear. The natural replacement is sweeping freely around the earth. Wind. Its renewable, predictable, fast to install, clean, and commercially viable.

365体育平台We have the data to support our prediction that by 2020 as much as 10 per cent of the world’s electricity consumption will be satisfied by energy from the wind. What’s more, we have the confidence to say that wind power is an industry on par with coal and gas.

Vestas | Wind - Because the futre won't wait



    Wind power is competitive

    365体育平台Vestas has taken wind power to a level of technological maturity where it can compete on price with conventional sources of energy such as oil and gas, making it a sound business investment.

    Wind power is free and plentiful

    365体育平台In 2006, a report by Emerging Energy Research showed that land-based wind power is equal in cost to electricity from a new natural gas fired plant – and only marginally more expensive than electricity from a new coal-fired power station. And that’s before the cost of CO2 emissions are taken into account.

    Improved technology drives competitiveness

    365体育平台Since the installation of our first turbine in 1979, we’ve improved output 100 times over. And through our world-leadering turbine technology, we are driving down the cost of wind-generated electricity still further. Today, our global organisation focuses on seeking new ways to improve turbine efficiency. One result of these efforts is our 4 MW platform. Every aspect of the 4 MW platform has been  rethought to reduce the cost per kWh and allowing it to produce enough electricity in three hours supply the average European household for an entire year.


    Wind power is predictable

    365体育平台As we all know, the price of oil, natural gas and other non-renewable materials can be  volatile. But the price of wind is predictable and stable – and free in every currency. This creates the strongest possible business case for people and governments looking for more secure ways to invest in energy.

    Meeting the world’s energy demands

    365体育平台Neither wind turbines nor conventional energy plants run at full capacity 365 days a year.  But  in countries like Denmark, wind already meets one-fifth of the population’s total energy needs – and Denmark achieved this using less than 20 per cent of its wind resources. On continuously windy days, Denmark actually gets all of its electricity from the wind.

    Making turbines even more reliable

    At Vestas, we’ve been harnessing the power of wind for over 30 years. This explains why our turbines are already the most efficient on the market. But we don’t believe in standing still. Our R&D centers around the world enable us to make our turbines 100 times more efficient than they were 25 years ago.


    Energy independence and local jobs

    Wind knows no limits, nor does it recognise national boundaries. It’s an unlimited form of energy, and it’s found freely in countries with even the poorest natural resources. Wherever it blows, it can bring jobs to support the local economy – and break the dependence on energy from external suppliers.

    Wind power is independent

    365体育平台This two-fold benefit is important not only for business but for political decision-makers. Energy is becoming an increasingly strategic issue for governments around the world – especially those currently dependent on foreign imports to fuel their homes and economies.


    Wind power is fast

    365体育平台With wind power, there are none of the long lead times involved with conventional fuels. In less than 12 months, a Vestas wind power plant can be up and running – producing energy, and generating a return on investment quickly.

    Making wind energy an attractive investment

    365体育平台From a business perspective, we can predict that wind will provide at least 10 per cent of world electricity consumption by 2020. This will require greater investment in wind power throughout the world, and we know it can be achieved.

    We are constantly researching ways to shorten the time it takes to install our turbines to make wind power even more attractive.

    365体育平台An investment in wind power through Vestas creates a ‘win-win’ situation for the environment and the economy – with clean energy free from CO2, and thousands of sustainable jobs.


    Wind power is clean

    365体育平台Wind power produces energy, pure and simple. No CO2, no other greenhouse gasses, no hazardous waste left behind as a poisonous legacy for future generations. And, unlike coal and nuclear plants, it doesn’t consume huge amounts of water – which is itself becoming a scarce resource.

    Clean energy efficiency

    365体育平台As an example, one V126-3.3 MW wind turbine in a low wind will generate 240,000 MWh during its 20 years of operation – thus sparing the environment the impact of a net volume of approx 230,000 tons of CO2, as compared to the figures for energy generated by a coal-fired power station.

    Leading the world in sustainable energy

    365体育平台At Vestas, we already lead the world in turning wind power into clean, sustainable electricity. But we also want to lead by example. So our goal is that by 2020, 60 per cent of our own internal energy needs will be met by clean electricity.

    Multi-rotor concept demonstration turbine

    In cooperation with the Technical University of Denmark, Vestas is installing a concept demonstrator to test the technical feasibility to operate and control a multi-rotor turbine.

    365体育平台 Use the links below to download the fact sheet, official photos and watch a video about the project.

    Political Affairs

    Vestas | Political affairs - Three initiatives that could lead the way

    365体育平台Three initiatives could lead the way: the polluter pays principle, securing a level playing field and rewarding power sources with positive externalities.

    365体育平台Policy makers around the world stand before a historic opportunity to meet the growing demand for energy without inflicting substantial costs to society due to adapting to climate change and pollution.

    Over the coming decades the global energy demand is expected to increase heavily (27-61 per cent. in 2050 according to World Energy Council). At the same time a large number of conventional power plants are aging and will be shut down.

    The world needs new capacity and wind energy is a proven technology which can supply part of this quickly and effectively. At the same time, wind energy limits the indirect costs from climate change and pollution, which is an integrated part of power production with fossil fuels. Consequently, wind energy is a very cost effective solution to society.

    365体育平台However, in many countries not all indirect costs are considered in decisions about power production. This leads to suboptimal solutions, and policy changes are needed nationally and globally to alter


      Polluter pays principle

      The polluter should incur the costs from the negative effects - no matter if this comes in the form of health effects, water pollution, climate change or something else. It sounds logical, but in reality it is not.

      365体育平台We need to follow the polluter pays principle when it comes to power production. This includes putting a price on CO2 emission, which reflects the costs from adapting to a changing climate. Without such a price, society will continue to suffer the costs and polluters will continue not to weigh in the societal costs of their actions.

      This is not sustainable, and policies need to start moving in the direction of following the polluter pays principle in all cases.

      Vestas | Polluter pays principle

      Securing a level playing field

      Subsidies are a necessary tool in supporting new technologies which are not yet competitive but have substantial positive characteristics from a societal perspective. However, subsidies should be limited to exactly that, as continuing the support beyond this point will hinder free competition.

      Today, this is not the case. In the OECD-countries alone, support mechanisms for fossil fuels include 550 different schemes, according to OECD.

      365体育平台In order for  different technologies to compete at a level playing field, policy makers need to look thoroughly into the long list of support mechanisms and direct them to immature – but promising – technologies.

      Onshore wind energy is a proven technology able to compete with other energy technologies and consequently should be able to live without subsidies in the near future. However, this requires a level playing field which would include the end of fossil fuel subsidies.

      Vestas | Securing a level playing field

      Rewarding power sources with positive impacts

      365体育平台There are two sides to the coin of impacts from power production – the negative and the positive ones. The negative impacts should be covered through different measures, including the "polluter pays" principle. At the same time, though, we need to put a value on the positive impacts.

      365体育平台Positive Impacts on society from power production can take different forms. We need to remunerate the most important ones, as this is the only way to make sure that the value to society is included in the decision made by investors and power producers about how to produce the needed power.

      Two examples of important impacts are the security of supply and price stability. They are important, because dependence on import of a certain fuel from other countries adds to the vulnerability of the power production.

      For instance, what happens if the import is suddenly impossible – due to political or other reasons – or if the price suddenly goes through the roof?  History can show us many examples of this.

      365体育平台With wind energy this is not an issue. Wind is a free fuel and it can be harvested within a country's own borders. Policy makers should ensure this is considered among investors and power producers.

      Vestas | Rewarding power sources with positive impacts

      365体育平台Without remunerating these positive side effects, they are not considered and the final outcome might be to continue the high dependence on imported fuels.

      365体育平台Therefore, we need a transparent and stable legislation, which put a specific value on the different positive side effects.

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